Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises For Nigerian & African Men!  

Penis Enlargement Exercises For Nigerian & African Men!  

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Get A Bigger Penis Using Natural Techniques That Works!!  

Are You Interested In Getting A Bigger Penis Using A Safe, Natural And Effective Method?

A popular question that a lot of men are interested in knowing the answer to is - "Is penile enlargement actually possible?"

Yes it is!

Even though there are various methods of penile enlargement that are available, none of them is as safe, effective and affordable as engaging in penis exercises. Hundreds of thousands of men worldwide have used these specialized exercises to increase their penile size.


Here Is An Overview Of A Few Of The Methods Of Penile Enlargement That You Should Stay Away From And We Compare Them With Using Penis Exercises.

You may not like what you are about to read...

You cannot enlarge your penis because of something that you ate or something that you rubbed on it!

The herbal drugs that you see on ecommerce websites and newspaper adverts do NOT work. Vacuum penis pumps (like Handsome Up) do NOT work and I am guessing any other methods that you have in mind is just as ineffective.

There is only one technique that you can use to enlarge your penis and it is called "Progressive Overload". Penis enlargement exercises make use of that technique to help increase the tissues inside the penis.

Here are the methods to stay away from:

STAY AWAY FROM - Vacuum Penis Pumps

Vacuum penis pumps were never designed for penile enlargement. They are meant to allow impotent men have erections.

STAY AWAY FROM - Vacuum Penis Pumps

But, all of a sudden they started being touted as being a device that can help to stimulate penile growth – this is a lie!

These pumps require that you insert your penis in a plastic or glass tube and then you pump to remove air which gives you an instant erection and that is all. Repeated use of this device would not enlarge your penis.

There are also problems like: blisters, burst capillaries and even temporary erectile dysfunction that can occur if you use the device continuously.

With vacuum pumps, you would get an instant erection that is slightly bigger than your normal erections... and that is all you get as its benefits.

However, continued usage of these pumps can cause tissue scarring, penis deformation or Peyronies disease (caused by scar tissue) which would make your penis look extremely ugly!

Disadvantages Of Vacuum Penis Pumps

  • Temporary results that doesn’t last for only minutes
  • Dangerous if used for an extended period of time
  • Regular pumping would lead to temporary erectile dysfunction
  • There is a risk of Peyronies disease.
  • Blisters
  • Blood circulation problem.
  • Burst blood vessels in the penis.

Why Is Our penis exercise program a better option than vacuum penis pumps?

  • Our program would show you that penile exercises when done correctly are 100% safe and the only requirements are your hands and a few minutes of your time.

  • Using our program will give you a longer, thicker and stronger penis in addition to longer lasting and harder erections.

  • Whatever penile growth that you experience when engaged in penis exercises is permanent so you would keep enjoying the benefit all your life.

  • If you follow the instructions in our program, you would see noticeable and measurable results in just 4 – 6 weeks.

STAY AWAY FROM - Penis Enhancement Supplements

Using penis enhancement supplements alone is going to give zero penile growth!

STAY AWAY FROM - Penis Enhancement Supplements

There are some brands of penis pills that packaged their product with a penis exercise program as a bonus. The issue with them is that they lack detailed explanation on how to do the penile exercises and are usually poorly written, so most men that follow them don’t get impressive results.

We have had a few reports from men who have lamented how they bought penis supplements from Ikeja (Lagos, Nigeria) and online and used these products for months and didn’t see any penile growth... not increase at all!

Some supplements may improve blood circulation around your penis area which could lead to stronger erections but when it comes to actual penile growth, they do NOT work!

There is no point wasting your money on a bunch of useless supplements that would do nothing when it comes to increasing your penile size.

If you still go ahead and purchase those so-called penis enhancement supplements, you would still come back to this website (because they don’t work at all!).

When you buy these supplements, you are on your own. There is no guarantee from the sellers. The only thing they tell you is that it works... from personal experience and those of previous customers we know that they don’t work!

One common objection that some men say when trying to justify why they should buy a particular penis enhancement supplement is this: "but it has a NAFDAC number".

Yes it may have a NAFDAC number but the category of such supplements is different from actual drugs.

The NAFDAC number just indicates that the supplement is safe to consume (that it is not poisonous), it doesn’t indicate that the product works for penile enlargement because it is not listed as a drug (meant to treat an existing illness) but it is categorised as a food supplement!

Disadvantages Of Penis Enhancement Supplements

  • You would not see any actual penile growth!
  • Getting a stronger erection is totally different from a bigger penis.
  • Expensive!
  • No penile gains at all.
  • Some supplements contain dangerous herbs and plant extracts.
  • Even NAFDAC warns against some ingredients that are in some of these supplements (e.g. Yohimbe).

Why Is Our penis exercises program a better option than penis enhancement pills?

  • Using our penis exercise manual would give you the ability to increase both the length and thickness of your penis in addition to giving you longer-lasting and stronger erections to improve your sex performance.

  • Unlike penis enhancement pills, our natural penile exercise program would give you actual measurable and noticeable results.

  • Supplements do NOT work for penile enlargement and some of them could put your health at risk.

  • The program is totally safe and we offer you a guarantee that you would see a visible and measurable increase in your penis size after as little as 4 weeks.

  • Other extra benefits that you would get by exercising your penis are: increase in your libido, larger penis head and an improvement in your sexual health.

  • As long as you are doing these exercises, you don’t have to worry about soft erections or impotence because your penis would be in top shape!

STAY AWAY FROM – Penile Hanging Weights

There is the belief that a crude form of this method were done by ancient Egyptian royalty (and common men). There are some men that would say that yes penile weights have increased their penis size.

STAY AWAY FROM  Penile Hanging Weights

However the problem is that it takes a very long time to get impressive results, we are talking of 2 years or more. How many Nigerian men can wait for up to 2 years just to see a 1 inch increase in penile length?

Apart from the long time it takes to see results, hanging weights on your penis would stretch the penile tissues abnormally that it could give you difficulties in getting or maintaining an erection.

Another issue with this method is that it actually reduces the thickness of your penis just to give you a longer penis. So, what you get after years of using hanging weights is a thinner, weaker and slightly longer penis.

Disadvantages Of Penile Hanging Weights

  • Eventually you would have a thinner penis
  • Scarring that could cause Peyronie’s disease (in extreme cases)
  • Stretch marks
  • Risks of erectile dysfunction
  • Nerve damage could occur
  • Deformed penis
  • Restricts blood circulation
  • Results in lower libido
  • Reduced the sensitivity of the penis
  • It is high risk!

Why is our program safer and more effective than penile hanging weights?

  • Following our penis exercise program (as instructed) would give you a clearly stronger, longer, thicker and overall bigger penis without the risk of any harmful side effects.

  • What else could be as safe as making use of your hands to enlarge your penis?

  • Using penile hanging weights for an extended period of time would give you a weak pencil looking penis. And in some cases it could make you impotent.

  • There is no man that would complain of such problems when engaged in penis exercises.

  • Exercising your penis works and it is safe as long as you follow the simple safety instruction of not overdoing the exercises.

  • And even in cases where you overdo the exercises, the side effects is very mild (just a few red spots on the penis) and it goes after a few days of rest.

  • And unlike hanging weights which takes months to see visible results, following the penis exercise program would give you results in as little as 4 weeks.

STAY AWAY FROM – Penile Surgery

Do you have a lot of money so you are considering penile enlargement surgery?

STAY AWAY FROM - Penile Surgery

Money is NOT everything... do you already know that?

A few years back Stella Obasanjo (Nigeria’s former president Olusegun Obasanjo’s wife) wanted to reduce her belly fat and instead of going the healthy route of exercising and adjusting her diet, she went for surgery...

And she died!

Do we need to even explain anymore why penile surgery is a BAD idea?

Stella Obasanjo had her surgery in a top class plastic surgery clinic in Spain and she died... what are your chances of surviving if you do yours in a country like Nigeria, Ghana or any other African country?

Even in the United States, where surgery is common and a big industry it still comes with risks that could be fatal. There are more than enough court cases where penile surgery went wrong.

There is a case where a man from Sweden died from a penile enlargement surgery.

It doesn’t matter if you have money or not, surgery can cause a lot of health problems for you.

Asides from being painful and expensive, there is no guarantee that you would get the results you are looking for. Even the surgeons CANNOT guarantee that you would still be alive when the surgery operation is over.

Take a case of Stella Obasanjo – she had lots of money at her disposal, yet she died.

Undergoing surgery is likely to cause permanent damage to your penis. We would advise that you stay away from it.

There is no need for you to even consider penile surgery when they are methods like penis exercising that is 100% safe, natural and guarantee to increase the size of your penis... which is what the penis program offers you.

Disadvantages Of Penile Enlargement Surgery

  • Can scar your penis
  • Costly
  • It comes with some health problems
  • It could be fatal
  • Failure rate is very high (you would be disappointed with the results)
  • You are not guaranteed any results
  • An example of why plastic surgery should be avoided is the case of Stella Obasanjo.

Why is our program better than signing up for penile surgery?

  • Our penis exercises program is completely safe and we even offer you a guarantee that you would get results or we return your money.

  • When you begin engaging in penis exercises you would start seeing results after 4 – 5 days.

  • Using our program, it takes as much as 4 - 5 weeks to experience measurable results, which is about 1 inch (2.54 centimetres) extra in erect length and 0.5 inch (1.27 centimetres) in erect girth.

  • If you use our natural penis exercise program, you would begin experiencing results fast than you anticipated.

  • The costs way less than what surgery costs and you would get better results with exercising your penis.

  • Using our penis exercises program would give you a bigger penis, and you are also going to get stronger erections, improved ability to last longer in bed and improved sexual health.

  • You can gain as much as 3 inches in length and 2 inches in thickness while using our program and you can begin right away.

  • Getting the penis exercise manual would reveal to you all the techniques to getting a longer and bigger penis.

This minute, you can begin the process of increasing your penile size, which would improve your sexual health, boost your self-confidence and give you an amazing sex life.

Our program gives you complete explanation (text, images and video clips) how to perform the penis enlargement exercises correctly and grow your penis by up to 3 inches.

The program is the penile enlargement "bible" that you need if you want a big penis.

If you really want a thicker, longer and bigger penis, then you need to order the Penis Exercise Program and follow the instructions.




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How Penis Exercises Work In Giving You A BIGGER Penis!

One of the biggest doubts that most Nigerian men have about natural penis enlargement exercises is the fact that the penis is not defined as a muscle in most biology textbooks (it is an organ).

Internal Structure Of The Penis

Yes, your penis is not a muscle like your biceps and triceps (in your arms), however it contains a lot of smooth muscle tissues.

As a matter of fact, the penis contains 30 – 55% smooth muscle tissue depending on how old you are (younger men tend to have more smooth muscle tissue than older men).

The big difference between smooth muscles (which is found in your penis) and skeletal muscles (like the ones in your arms, chest and thighs) is that when you exercise them it would NOT go back to its former size – this is unlike skeletal muscles which tend to reduce in size after you stop lifting weights.

Penis exercising applies the same concept of "Progressive Overload" that is used in bodybuilding. It basically means you keep applying an increasing stress on the penile tissues so that they are continuously forced to increase in size (length and thickness).

Your penis is composed of three major chambers. There are two big ones that are located at the top which are called the Corpora Cavernosa.

And there is the small one that is located at the bottom of the penis which is called the Corpus Spongiosum and it envelopes the urethra (the tube that urine passes through).

During your erections, blood rushes to the two large chambers till they get filled up (the penis expands). Your erect and flaccid penis size is limited to how much these chambers can contain either at rest or during an erection.

The only way to increase your penis size is to increase the capacity of these chambers. One way is to engage in natural penis exercises for a period of time and you would gradually increase the smooth muscle tissue in the penis which increases it capacity to hold more blood in both the flaccid and erect state.

When you follow our detailed penis exercise program as instructed, you would be breaking down the cell walls of the smooth muscle tissues each time you exercise your penis.

During the periods of rest, the penis would repair itself and re-grow back to slightly bigger and stronger sizes.

Doing this repeatedly for a period of time would result in a stronger and bigger penis (this is the same concept applied in bodybuilding).

You would start noticing measurable and visible results after 4 weeks of consistent penis exercising.

And you can gain as much as 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth with our penis exercise program... this comes after 2 – 5 months of regularly exercising your penis (3 – 5 times a week).

Yes you can actually get a bigger, stronger and more attractive penis just by doing a set of simple penis exercises consistently.

Even though your penis is not 100% muscle tissue, it contains just enough smooth muscles that you can increase its size and make it fitter (stronger erections) – penis exercises would help you get that.

Imagine if you'd never done any physical exercise before, think how weak and unfit you would be – that is how you penis is when you don’t engage in penis exercises regularly.

Most Nigerian, Ghanian and African guys, including you, have very underdeveloped and unfit penises! This will change starting from today...

Read what guys that have used these exercises have to say



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These Are Some Of The Benefits That You Would Get If You Use The Penis Exercise Program

Permanent And Natural Penis Enlargement:

Our penis exercise program would show you in details (full explanations in the book and videos) how you can enlarge your penis by engaging in easy to do penile exercises and techniques.

You Would Get Permanent And Natural Penis Enlargement If You Use Our Penis Exercise Manual

The exercises in our manual are all tested and proven to give results if you do them correctly. At least 95% of men who used our manual diligently have recorded a measurable increase in penile size after 4 – 5 weeks.

With our program, you do NOT need any gadgets or devices. You do all the exercises with just your two hands.

As long as you follow the instructions in the manual (and watch the videos), you would experience visible penile growth – just like thousands of men that have "secretly" used these exercises to increase their penile size by a few inches.

With our program, you can increase your erect penis by up to 4 inches in length and 3 inches in girth in less than a year of regular penile exercising. However that kind of penile growth is only common in men that are starting with a small penis.

If you have a small penis (less than 5 inches in length and 4 inches in girth), you are likely going to see better results than the guys starting with an average size.

This is usually because from our records, men with small penises are usually more determined, so they are more consistent with the program.

On average, you are going to experience a penile growth of 1 – 2 inches within the first 7 - 8 weeks of engaging in our penile exercise program.

If you continue with the program, you are going to get an extra 1 – 2 inches after a few months of consistent use (disclaimer).

Increased Sexual Performance And Erection Hardness:

Most of the time, weak erection (soft erections) is the result of poor blood circulation around the genital area.

Penis Exercises Would Increase Your Erection Strength And Hardness And  Also Your Sexual Performance.

By using our penis exercise program regularly, you would increase the strength of your erections because these exercises make your pelvic floor muscles stronger allowing it to get to its maximum potential so that it allows optimal blood circulation which would mean that you would begin getting "rock-hard" erections every time you are sexual excited.

In our manual, you would also discover how to:

  • Enjoy more pleasurable
  • Longer sex
  • Achieve stone-hard erections each time
  • More intense orgasms and...
  • Also how to achieve multiple orgasms (i.e. having orgasms without ejaculating so you can have more sex rounds with your woman).

The average Nigerian man has an underdeveloped and weak penis. By doing these exercises regularly, your penis would become stronger, bigger and "meatier"!

Erection Curvature Straightening:

Although a slightly bent erection is normal, once it is more than a certain angle it comes with some issues like: weak or painful erections, irritations and ejaculation difficulties.

Our Penis Exercise Manual Helps With Erection Curvature Straightening

Abnormal penile curve whether natural or caused by Peyronies disease can be corrected by engaging in special penile exercises that are designed to straighten a curved penis.

Our manual contains a detailed chapter and videos on these techniques if you are interested in straightening your curved erection.

Improved Self Confidence:

It doesn’t matter if it is a small penis, impotence, premature ejaculation or any other sexual dysfunction – once a man cannot perform well enough to satisfy a woman during sexual intercourse, it would affect his self confidence!

Men With Big Penises Have More Self Confidence!

There are actual surveys that have show that men with bigger penises who have the ability to satisfy women in bed tend to have a lot more confidence and pride in anything they do than men with smaller penises and other sexual problems.

I am sure you must have noticed some guys that are NOT rich or famous, yet they seem to have women flocking to them for sex and these guys are so confident of themselves... I bet you, such guys always have a BIG PENIS!

When a man has a large penis, he can’t help but be proud and confident knowing that he is bigger than most men "downstairs" and this confidence is always obvious... to the extent it shows like arrogance (in some cases).

The next time you go to the swimming pool or the beach, you don’t have to feel inferior because of your small penis; by using our program, you would be able to increase your penis in both length and girth by doing some easy to do penis exercises for less than 30 minutes each day.

FACT: If you make use of our penis exercise program as instructed, you would realise that it is quite easy to increase your penis by as much as 2 – 3 inches within a period of 3 – 6 months!

Here are a few things that our natural penis enlargement exercise program would show you:

  • Effective, proven and safe penis exercises that would increase your penis size by up to 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth (circumference)... you would get both a longer and a thicker penis. And you would start seeing measurable results after 4 weeks of consistent penile exercising.

  • How to deal with weak erections (soft erections) by improving blood circulation around your genital region.

  • How to increase your erection hardness and strength in order to get erections that are strong as "Zuma rock".

  • How to deal with premature ejaculation (no more 1-minute sex rounds)

  • How to intensify your orgasms by increasing the strength and length of your ejaculations.

  • Special exercises that would help straighten your penis curve.

  • How to increase the size of your penis head and get the "mushroom" look.

  • Improve blood circulation around your genitals for a healthier & stronger penis.

  • Reduce the amount of time (refractory period) it takes to recover between ejaculations.

  • You would find out about the amazing sex secrets of the "PC Muscle"

  • How you can keep your erection firmer and harder for longer periods of time during sexual intercourse.

  • How to intensify your partner’s pleasure and give her more orgasms.

  • How to consistently achieve multiple orgasms anytime you have sexual intercourse.

  • How to make your pelvic floor muscles stronger and get a more muscular looking penis

  • Plus a lot more essential information that every man needs to know to improve his sexual performance!




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Here Are Some Depressing Facts That So Many Nigerian, Ghanaian And Other African Men Need To Know About Their Sexual Abilities And Performance!

  • The average erect penis length is between 5.5 - 6.17 inches. Most Nigerian, Ghanaian and other African men are close to this size. So, are you happy with just being average when it comes to your manhood, virility and sexual performance?

  • In most surveys conducted, at least 75% of women usually indicate a preference for a man with a big penis. In fact these women would like their current lover/partner to have a bigger penis.

  • A global sex survey showed that women in a relationship would actually prefer going shopping with their friends than having sex with their lover! This means these women are NOT really enjoying sex with their lovers!

  • The average man CANNOT have penetrative sexual intercourse for more than 8 minutes without ejaculating. Do you actually think 8 minutes of thrusting is enough to satisfy a woman and have her coming back for more? Of Course NO!

  • At least 76% of women have faked orgasm with either their current lover or previous lover! A lot of women are currently faking orgasms with their current partner. Now why would these women do so? They do so because their partners are inadequate and they don’t want to hurt his ego.

  • Almost every man would experience temporary erectile dysfunction at some point in his life! However you can prevent it from even happening even if you have never experienced it.

  • Over 99% of Nigerian, Ghanaian and other African men would take the offer to enlarge their penis if they understood how penile exercises work.

  • 95% of Nigerian, Ghanaian and other African men cannot shoot their ejaculate up to 6 inches! Can you shoot semen from your penis during ejaculation like a water gun?

  • A lot of men have weak erections because of poor blood circulation to their penis.

  • As much as 60% of the breakups of long-term relationship can be traced to the issue where the man wasn’t satisfying his woman sexually. Have you experienced this before or has it happened to someone you know?

  • Most men have a slight bend on their erect penis! And although this is not really a problem, it is something that is fixable (with penis exercises).

  • 99% of men have a smaller, underdeveloped and weaker penis - compared to what they can actually have if they were engaged in regular penis exercises.

There Really Is No Need To Keep Subjecting Your Woman To Bad Sex When There Is Something You Can Actually Do To Become Her Best Lover Ever!

All these problems that were just listed can be dealt with if you get the Penis Exercise Program... you would find out how in a few minutes...

All those facts just shows how much penis size (and a man’s sexual performance) matters a lot in a relationship.

Women generally regard a man with a big penis as being more sexually attractive and virile than men with average or small penises.

For a woman a bigger penis means more surface area to stimulate the pleasures spots inside her vagina, this result in more enjoyable sex and orgasms for her.

And in a lot of instances, a bigger and more muscular penis usually makes a woman sexual aroused and in the mood to start actual sexual intercourse immediately (no need for foreplay).

Men that have used penis exercises diligently all say that their level of sexual confidence has increased because they are able to satisfy their lovers a lot better than before.

Other benefits that these men report after a few months of penis exercising include: increased sexual stamina, more powerful orgasms for their lovers and themselves – and not to forget the big penis that they get.

Men that make use of these penile exercises also report that their thicker, strong, healthier and bigger penis has indirectly and also directly improved different aspects of their lives!


Let me be direct with you – our penis exercise program is meant only for men that are SERIOUS about increasing their penis size!

If you are NOT 100% serious about enlarging your penis, then close this web-page and move on with your life!

The reason we say this is because our program is NOT a miracle herb or concoction! We would not offer you false promises or distort the truth just to take your money.

The bottom line is that this program requires some effort from you, it is not effortless.

You would be required to do the penile exercises for 3 – 5 days a week (it takes less than 30 minutes per exercise session).

If you do this consistently, we guarantee that you would get a longer, stronger, thicker and overall bigger penis.

You even start seeing measurable and noticeable results after the 4th week of exercising!

By following the instructions in our program, these natural penis enlargement exercises can help you in adding up to 3 inches in erect length and 2 inches in erect girth. The increase in your confidence level around women would be obvious.

This increase in penis size would make you become the MAN that other men envy and women would be more than satisfied after having sexual intercourse with you.

However the catch is that you must be prepared to put effort to get it.

Our program is very comprehensive and it caters specifically to Nigerian, Ghanaian and African men.

To be frank, our penis enlargement exercise program works for all men, it doesn’t matter if you are a Nigerian, Ghanaian or from any other country.

One of the reasons we decided to offer this program back in 2009 was the difficulty Nigerians used to face in getting an equivalent program (due to payment issues when visa/mastercard/paypal were not in Nigeria).

You are NOT going to find a penis exercise program that is as exclusive and detailed as our own ANYWHERE on the internet.

If you have any difficulties or questions after you order our penis exercise program, I (Tayo) would be ready to assist you so that you can achieve impressive results just like I did.

Getting a healthier, longer and thicker penis is NOT rocket science... you just need a detail program that shows you how to do it properly.

By using the penis exercise program, you would transform you sex life completely. It would transform you to a stud in bed.

Whatever penile growth you achieve by engaging in penis exercises is PERMANENT!

You don’t have to worry about losing your gains (as in the case with bodybuilding).

Our program would literally take you by the hand and show you everything you need to do to enlarge your penis naturally and your penile gains are permanent.

When you realised that you have achieved you target penis size, you simply switch to a penis exercise routine meant for maintenance for a few weeks, then you can stop and not have to do the exercises ever again.

The penis exercise program has a 99.8% success rate and customer satisfaction since 2009!

This penis exercise program would work for you just like it worked for me way back in 2008!

You would experience VISIBLE results – an average of 1 inch increase in penile length after 4 – 6 weeks of consistent exercising.

Most men that make use of our penis exercise program as instructed typical see the first 1 inch of penile growth after 4 – 6 weeks.

You would see an increase in the size of your flaccid (soft) penis after 4 - 5 of exercising your penis.

After 2 weeks, your erections would so hard and strong, that your woman would be able to notice the difference in your erection strength than previously.

Have you ever come across the word "PC muscle" before? This state of this muscle determines how hard or soft your erections are.

Our penis exercise program contains exercises that are targeted at keeping the PC muscle in top shape which would show in the strength and hardness of your erections.

And also achieving control over your PC muscle gives you added benefits which include:

  • You would begin experiencing rock-hard erections no matter how old you are.

  • You would have the ability to shoot your semen for a longer distance (like a porn actor), a lot of women are impressed by that sort of thing.

  • You would have the ability to achieve multiple orgasms and be able to separate orgasms from ejaculations during sexual intercourse, this would give you the ability to have sex for hours.

Our Penis Exercise Program contains targeted exercises that would save you time and increase the aspect you want.

If you want to only increase your penile length, there are exercises for that and if you only want a thicker penis, there are exercises that are meant for that.

There are also exercises meant for increasing the size of your penis head and ones meant for straightening a curved penis.

With our program, you have the chance to become the kind of man that other men want to be like and the kind of man that women flock around!

You would experience a massive boost in self-confidence, talking, walking and acting a lot more confidently around women!

The techniques in our penis exercise manual is as fresh as oxygen and more than 300% times more effective than the average program on the internet!!

Our Penis Exercise Program Comes With Videos So That You Can Understand Each Technique Properly!

When I (Tayo) was engaged in penis exercises to increase the size of my penis, I discovered a few exciting and new techniques that would help you enlarge your penis a lot faster than the usual time frame – these techniques are all in the penis exercise program that we are offering to you.

These techniques when used properly (disclaimer) would guarantee you up to 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth. You are getting these techniques exclusively when you order our penis exercise program.

There are so many doctors that recommend penis exercises to men interested in getting a bigger penis because they know how safe these exercises are when done correctly and the results are always impressive.




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Can Supplements Or Foods Enlarge Your Penis?

The answer is NO!

Let us repeat it again... but this time bigger...

There Is No Food, Fruit, Drug, Supplement, Herb Or Plant Extract That Can Grow The Tissues Inside The Penis.

This is a fact that a lot of Nigerian men just refuse to accept!

This a scenario where some men would just not get this fact into their head... they keep spending their money looking for the magical penis drug that would work.

There is nothing that you can swallow that would cause penis growth.

Natural penis enlargement doesn’t work that way!

No matter how popular a particular brand of penis pill that you see on Jumia or Konga is, these things do NOT work.

Personally (i.e. Tayo), I have used two expensive penis enhancement supplements (VigRX Plus and ProSolution) way back in 2008 and they didn’t work... that was when I did an extensive research and found out that the sellers of these products are using the desperation of some men to make a whole lot of money.

Selling Penis Enhancement Pills Is Big Business!

The ingredients in the pills are cheap, and then they hype their products and make 100 times their money back!

The best you can get with some pills is that they help in increasing blood flow to the penis which "may" give you harder erections. The thing is a harder erection does NOT mean a bigger penis.

As long as the smooth muscle tissue inside the penis has not increased in size... you would NOT see any penile growth.

And the annoying part is that whatever benefit that you get from these supplements would stop once you are no longer taking them.

Some websites would show you photos of doctors to give you the illusion that their products are either doctor endorsed or are being sold by a doctor... the truth is there is NO doctor anywhere in the world that would recommend penis pills for penile enlargement!

The Penis Enlargement Pill Industry Is A Big Scam Scheme!

An example is the so-called 2IN1 combination product (Royal Jelly and Aloe Vera Gel) that marketers of Forever Living Products are peddling as being a super product that helps with: penile enlargement, weak erections and premature ejaculation.

The funny thing is that the manufacturer (Forever Living products) makes NO claim whatsoever that that any of their products is meant for penile enlargement, weak erections and premature ejaculation!

And the label of these products also doesn’t say it is meant for these things...

Yet these dubious marketers sell these two products as a solution to unsuspecting Nigerian men!

Open Your Eyes And Don’t Be Deceived!

Bottom Line: You can NOT increase the size of your penis because of something that you ate or drank.

Penis pills are basically scam products that would not give you the results you are looking for (you would not get any result when it comes to penile growth).

One common thing some men say when we advise against using penis supplements is: But this particular product I am interested in has a NAFDAC number?

The NAFDAC numbers on these products are NOT an endorsement that it works... it is just a certification to say it doesn’t contain poison or harmful ingredients!

You need to know the difference between the two.

These penis supplements are NOT sold as a drug, they are sold as a dietary supplement and so the NAFDAC number is in a different category from the ones issued for actual drugs like Paracetamol (which is a drug used for headaches and MUST comply to a strict standard!)

Since 2009, we have been advising against using pills because we know that natural penis enlargement can only occur when the concept of "progressive overload" is used.

If you want a bigger penis, don’t waste your time looking for which food or penis supplement to use... start engaging in our penis exercise program on a regular basis and you would see visible results after 4 – 5 weeks.




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Why Most Nigerian Women Prefer Bigger Penises!

When it comes to the issue of penis size, the average Nigerian woman would always prefer a big penis to a small or average one – this is an undeniable fact!

First of all big does NOT mean gigantic... or a horse sized penis!

In reality, most women tend to regard a penis that is over 7.5 inches in length and over 5.5 inches in girth (circumference) as a bigger size.

The problem of a small penis is regarded as one of the top three main causes of sexual disappointment for so many women.

For a lot of men with small penises, this problem is just as bad as erectile dysfunction and in a lot of cases; men with small sizes also have a bad case of premature ejaculation.

Generally when ladies attain marriageable age, they typically do their best in assisting their partner in dealing with problems in their relationship and other aspects of their lives.

However when it gets to the issue of sexual problems, women tend to feel there is nothing they can do... and you can’t really blame a woman for not making an attempt! Nigerian (African) society and religion tends to make the issue of sexual topics a taboo for women.

Why Women Get Horny Over The Sight Of A Big Penis

If you stay unbiased and see things logically, you would realise that women preferring bigger penises has nothing to do with how decent or religious that they present themselves.

One of the reasons why women prefer men with bigger penis is because of the amount of sexual pleasure that it gives during sexual intercourse (penetration).

The most obvious reason is that in the eyes of most women, a big penis looks a lot more attractive and "manly" than a small or average sized one... this is just like how we men tend to like succulent big breasts and big buttocks!

However, unlike men that like bigger breasts and buttocks only because of its appearance, women’s preference for bigger penises is not only about the way it looks alone!

Almost every woman would say that sexual intercourse with a big penis tends to be more enjoyable and pleasurable than a small size. This simply has to do with the vagina’s anatomy.

A large penis during penetration creates a lot of friction and heavy stimulation at both the vagina entrance and deep inside the vaginal canal.

A larger penis has a lot more surface area than a small one, so this means that it would get to stimulate more pleasure spots around and inside the vaginal canal.

You might be wondering what about using your fingers (fingering) and your mouth/tongue (oral sex) to help your woman achieve orgasms... yes it works also!

But, you need to realise that vaginal orgasms are a lot more pleasurable and powerful than clitoral orgasms... and women tend to respect men who can give them orgasms with their penis... in other words:

"A Real Man Makes A Woman Achieve Orgasms With His Penis NOT His Fingers Or Mouth!"

If you consistently give a woman vaginal orgasms, she would become so respectful and loving towards you... that is how powerful it is!

Vaginal orgasms are much more enjoyable, explosive and longer lasting than the regular clitoral orgasms that woman can achieve during masturbation (or that you can help her achieve with your fingers or tongue!).

For a woman to achieve vaginal orgasms she needs stimulation in her vagina and on her clitoris at the same time... this is something that a small or average penis can’t do. A big penis can do this with ease!

The same manner that we men like women with big breasts, wide hips and big buttocks is the same way women like men with big dicks!

The appearance of an erect big penis is enough to make a woman sexually excited, and it switches her into the mood to achieve multiple orgasms during sexual intercourse... this is just like how most Nigerian men get horny when there see a curvy woman (a woman with big boobs, wide hips and big ass)!

So this is why a man with a large penis immediately puts women in the mood for penetrative sex!

From the info-graphic (image) above, you can see that in the survey carried out 85% of the women said they prefer and average looking man with a big penis over a handsome man with a small penis... this tells you how much penis size matters!

This is an anonymous survey so it tells you the truth about the issue since the women don’t have to worry about being judged by anyone or offending their lovers.

This survey (just like many others) provides you with hard facts that women (including Nigerian women) PREFER MEN WITH BIG PENISES... there is just no replacement for that!

And the funny thing about this issue of penis size is that some Nigerian women when asked openly would try to lie and say “penile size doesn’t matter” but when asked in secret (anonymously) they would say that it matters a lot!

It seems the reason for this contrast is that some women are conscious of the fact that a lot of men are insecure about their penis size... and they assume that penile enlargement is not possible without surgery (which is a NOT true)!

Here is a video about women truthfully answering the question: Does Penis Size Matter?

Today Is Your Lucky Day!

This is because you would soon have the ability to increase your penis size naturally.

There are thousands of men that have increased their penis size by 1 – 3 inches by simply engaging in these easy to do natural penis exercises.

The requirements that our penis exercise program demands from you are your two hands and 20 – 30 minutes of your time (3 – 5 days a week).

When you engage in penis exercises, you would be manually increasing the length and girth of the smooth muscle tissues in your penile chambers.

The exercises for length do not require an erection, it just stretches the tissues; while the ones for girth require different degree of erection since it uses blood to expand the tissues.

If you are engaged in natural penis exercises, you don’t do them every day.

Actually there are days of rest that you must observe so that the tissues heal and re-grow back to stronger and bigger sizes – this is similar to bodybuilding’s rest days that you may already know of.

The constant cycle of exercising and resting your penis would gradually result in visible penile growth.

If you are worried about the small size of your penis, you shouldn’t be! There is something you can do about it.

Just by engaging in penis enlargement exercises for 2 – 7 months, you can add up to 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth – it depends on how committed you are and your ability to follow instructions.

There are men who have increased their penis size by up to 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth.

In these cases the men all had an unusually high level of motivation to stay with the program for more than 4 months... this is the only way to get the maximum penile growth possible.

We also had a case where a man gained 4 inches in length and over 3 inches in thickness...

In this particular case he started with a very small size (he an erect penis that was less than 4 inches in length) and he followed our penis exercise program diligently for over 12 months!

Our penis enlargement exercise program contains detailed explanation on how to do each exercise technique correctly and it also comes with set of video clips that show you the way it should be done (to avoid mistakes).

If you want to know more about our penis exercise program, Click Here to go to our Home Page.

On our Home Page, you would get more details about what you can expect while using our penis exercise manual and also how you can order the manual this minute if you want to.

I found a funny video while browsing on YouTube that shows women drooling at a man’s genitals (because it is big) – which goes to show you that WOMEN ARE ATTRACTED TO BIG PENISES!

Some women would insist when asked publicly that "penis size doesn’t matter", but as you can see in this video ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS... their actions all show their fascination and attraction to a big penis... ENJOY!!




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What Is The Perfect (Ideal) Penis Size For Women During Sexual Intercourse?

You Already Know That Women Love Big PenisesIn the previous frame you found out the reason why women love big penises... so you are already aware that penis size matter a great deal to women when it comes to penetrative sex...

In Other Words Women Love Big Dicks!

The next thing you may be wondering is... what is the perfect (ideal) penis size that is capable of giving women maximum sexual pleasure during intercourse?

First Things First: What Is The Average Penis Size?

There are so many surveys that have tried to find out the average penis size, a lot of times the sponsors of the surveys are condom companies who need the data to be able to manufacture the right condoms that fit most penises.

Without mincing words, the average erect penis is between 5.5 – 6.17 inches in length and between 4.5 – 5.1 inches in girth.

But the truth is that the average penis is not something that excites women.

In terms of sexual pleasure, it doesn’t have the ability to stimulate deep into the vagina canal and expand the walls to give maximum friction which means a lot of pleasure and the feeling of being full during intercourse.

There was a survey carried in the United States out by a popular condom brand (Durex™) and it found out that as much as 67% of the females that took part in the survey said they were NOT satisfied with the penile size of their present lover.

In other words, 2 out of every 3 woman that participated in the Durex™ survey said that they prefer a man that has a longer and thicker penis.

The survey also reported that 93% of the female participants said they have never achieved orgasm during actual intercourse (penetration) and 76% said it bluntly that they are UNHAPPY with their current lovers’ sex performance.

We would assume that a similar scenario also happens here in Nigeria (and other African countries).

If we are talking about impregnating a woman, a small penis is good enough for the job... but when it comes to giving a woman sexual pleasure and orgasms, it is only a big enough penis that can do the job!

So, What Is The Perfect Penis Size That Makes Women Drool With Lust Once They See It?

An erect penis that is 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth is in the golden spot of being big enough to give maximum pleasure without causing pain!

Here is an info-graph about the ideal penis size for women:

As you can see from the chart above, this dimension (8 inches long and 6 inches thick) is capable of making almost every woman speak in tongues during sexual intercourse.

This size may see like just a few inches bigger than the average size; however the sexual pleasure that it can give to women during sexual intercourse is like a thousand times more!

The vagina being penetrated by a big penis (length 8+ inches) in an upwards direction, this makes the uterus to lean backwards. During thrusting a big penis causes intense movements to the uterus.

Now that you know what the perfect penis size for women is... do you have such size? I am guessing NO... since you are reading this web-page.

This is where our penis exercise program comes into the picture.

If you are worried about this size of your penis, there is no need to be. Using our penis exercise program is a safe and effect method of penis enlargement that is available to you right now!

Exercising your penis in the proper manner would give you stronger erections, increased sexual stamina and you would experience penile growth.

There is no need to remain small or average when there is something that you can do about it!

Just a few months of regularly exercising your penis would get you the perfect penis size that women drool at... why limit yourself when the power is in your hands?

Our penis exercise program contains detailed explanation and videos on how to perform each technique properly so that you can get the maximum penile growth in the shortest possible time.

If you are interested in knowing more about our penis exercise program and how you can get it right now ===> Click Here Now.




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Frequently Asked Questions


Will your penis enlargement manual work for me?
Am I too young or too old? How old do I have to be?
Are these techniques safe?
How does your manual look like?
When will I start seeing results?
What results can I expect?
Are the exercises hard to do?
Do I have to keep doing the exercises forever?
When I stop working out at the gym, my muscles gets smaller, won't the same happen with my penis?
Do you have any support if I should need some help?
Is there any type of guarantee?
How do I order your penis exercise program?
How long does it take between ordering and getting your natural penis exercise program?

Will your penis enlargement manual work for me?

Our natural penis exercise manual works for over 99% of men! The only men that should not use this manual are those who are not in full health such as those with advanced diabetes, or men with serious Peyronies disease (severe curvature of the penis - we can help with cosmetic slight curves of the penis but not with severe bends on your penis).

Am I too young or too old? How old do I have to be?

You must be 18 or over. There is no upper age limit. Men in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and even 60's have used these exercises successfully to get a bigger penis!

If you are in good health, you can enlarge your penis and get much bigger, better and firmer erections with our penis enlargement exercise techniques.

Are these techniques safe?

These exercises are completely safe! There is no danger in using any of the exercises in the manual. There are videos to tell you how to do each and every exercise completely and safely, and if you follow the exercises you will have no problems whatsoever.

Nobody has complained of any problems when using our natural penis exercise manual!

So many Doctors in the U.S.A and U.K recommend many of these penis exercise techniques simply because they are safe and effective!

Some of these exercises can help to save your marriage or relationship and improve your sexual health immensely (For example, PC exercises - which are in our guide - can help to increase the fitness and health of your prostate gland)!

How does your manual look like?

The manual comes in two forms: the online version (downloadable ebook and downloadable videos) and the offline version (printed book and DVD).

When you order, you get both the online version and the offline version.

When will I start seeing results?

Because every man is different, many men see results after 4 weeks, some others start seeing results after 6 weeks, while some see results after 8 weeks. The average is four weeks.

We can guarantee you that you use these methods regularly you will notice a big gain in the length and thickness of your penis.

I give an 8-week money-back guarantee because I know that if you use this program you would get a longer, stronger and thicker penis!

What results can I expect?

You will achieve bigger and stronger erections. Both the length and thickness of your erect penis will be increased. Your flaccid penis (soft) will be bigger, hang lower and become fuller, most of the time.

The program also contains exercises to increase the size of certain areas of your penis such as your penis head size.

Your erections will last longer and you will be able to control your ejaculations much better. You will be able to have sex longer, stay hard for longer and please your girlfriend/wife more.

These exercises can also help to straighten any curves in your penis. Increase your sex drive and stamina. Your sexual confidence will improve along with your self esteem.

You would be able to approach any beautiful woman with big breasts and big buttocks because you know your penis can satisfy her. There other benefits that I mentioned elsewhere on this site.

Are the exercises hard to do?

No! These are exercises are very easy to perform. As long as you have two hands you can do these exercises. Each of the exercises has detailed and easy to follow explanations with photographs and videos.

Do I have to keep doing the exercises forever?

The exercises work by gently breaking down the cell walls of the Corpora Cavernosa. When the cells heal they grow back stronger and bigger, never to return to their previous size again.

When you have achieved your desired size, you simply change your workout to our "Ending" workout, which I have designed specifically for you.

You follow this final workout for just 1 month and after that you will NOT have to exercise your penis ever again.

When I stop working out at the gym, my muscles gets smaller, won't the same happen with my penis?

No it would not! Your penis is NOT made up of skeletal muscle tissue, when you stop working your skeletal muscles (biceps, triceps etc.), your muscles reduce in size.

Your penis will NOT reduce in size when you stop doing these exercises because your penis is made of smooth muscle tissue. The penis tissue would be permanently enlarged.

Doing the "Ending" workout routine is the most important part in making you penis gains stay!

Do you have some sort of support if I should need some help?

Yes, we would be ready to answer any questions you may have. It is reasonable to expect gains of 2 - 3 inches in length and 1 - 2 inches in girth (circumference) while doing these exercises for 5 - 6 months.

We have a wealth of experience and would show you how to get the best out of the program.

You get 24-hour 365 days a year E-mail support, YES even Christmas day, Easter day and Sallah! We aim to answer all questions within 24 hours and often answer much faster!

Is there any type of guarantee?

YES, we stand behind our manual 100%. I want you to be extremely happy with your purchase! That is why I offer you an 60 days money-back guarantee!

The penis manual will work for you just like it worked for so many Nigerian, Ghanian and African men that are secretly doing these exercises in their bedrooms!

Try penis manual now and if you are not happy with the results and gains you make, We will gladly refund every last penny of your money - No questions asked!

How do I order your penis exercise manual?

To order the manual; you pay either by bank account deposit/transfer, debit card payment, PayPal, Skrill, WesternUnion or MoneyGram.

After you have notified us of your payment, you get the member access password and username for the online manual option (downloadable ebook and downloadable videos) and you wait for 2 - 4 days for the offline version (printed book and DVD) to reach you. (within Nigeria is usually 3 - 5 days, while for other African countries it takes 5 - 14 days)

How long does it take between ordering and getting your natural penis exercise manual?

If you ordered the online version, the moment we confirm from your payment, we will send you the password to our member area so you can download the ebook and the video files and you immediately start enlarging your penis right now!

We would also send the printed book and DVD once you have sent us your full name and physical address (home, office or P.O Box).




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