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Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises For Nigerian Men!  

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Why Is That So Many Nigerian Women Love Guys With A Big Penis?

The topic of this article might seem a little annoying to you if you have a small or average penile size. The hidden truth is that when it boils down to the size of a guy’s manhood, Nigerian women tend to prefer a big penis.

When I say big, I do not mean gigantic! What so many ladies picture in their mind as being a big penis is one that has a length that is longer than seven inches and more than five inches in girth.

Yes, it is a fact that we guys also have our own sexual problem... the most common being premature ejaculation. But this issue of have a small penile size is one of the three major causes of sexual frustration for so many women in Nigeria.

As funny as it might sounds to some well endowed guys, this small manhood problem is just as bad as impotence and premature ejaculation. For women that have reached their “marriage mode”, they usually try their best to help their partner (or husband) in solving so many problems in their relationship and lives. But when it comes to sexual problems, so many women just feel helpless... and you can’t really blame them! Our Nigerian society and religion has succeeded in making discussing about sexual topics a taboo!

A Few Reasons Why Nigerian Women Lust After A Big Penis

If we look at this issue from a logical point of view, the fact that women generally love bigger penis sizes has nothing to do with how religious or decent she is! Women’s preference for men with bigger than average size penises has to do with the amount of sexual pleasure that she is going to receive during sexual intercourse. Of course in the eyes of a woman, a big manhood looks a lot more better than a tiny one... this is similar to the way we Nigerian guys like big breasts and big buttocks ;-) … but you see unlike we men that like it purely just because of appearance... women’s preference for bigger packages in men goes beyond just visual excitement alone!

Every woman would tell you that sex with guy with a big manhood is so much more enjoyable and sweeter than with a man a tiny size. This is basically as a result of the anatomy of the vagina. A bigger penis has more surface area which means it has the ability to stimulate more sexual pleasure nerves and spots around and deep in to the vagina.

Maybe you are an advocate of using your tongue (oral sex) and fingers (fingering) to please a woman and help her achieve orgasms... yes that works too! However you need to bear it in mind that vaginal orgasms are much more powerful than clitoral orgasms... Give a woman a vaginal orgasm and she would respect and become submissive to you. This is simply because vaginal orgasms are much more explosive, enjoyable and longer lasting than clitoral orgasms (which you can help a woman achieve using your tongue or fingers!). Vaginal orgasms are achieved by a dual combination of stimulating her vagina and clitoris at the same time… and a small penis cannot do this! Only a penis that is thick and long enough can do this!

Just like we both love women with big buttocks, wide hips and big breasts so it is with women and big dicks! Just the mere sight of an erect big penis sexually excites a woman and makes her body much more willing to achieve orgasms after orgasms this is similar to the way a lady like Cossy Orijakor (the actress with the massive boobs) just merely shaking her boobs in a seductive manner causes almost every guy to become horny! So a man with a massive “ package” instantly sets so many women in the mood for penetration!

While surfing the net some days ago before I wrote this article, I saw a website that displayed the facts that in 2004 a survey was carried out and it revealed that 85% of the women who participated in the survey said they wished their husbands (or lovers) had a bigger penile size. This survey was anonymous, so they did not have to worry about hurting their partners’ feelings. This only buttresses the fact that so many women… including Nigerian ladies love and cherish a man that is well endowed in the "penis department". And the irony about this whole issue about penile size is that women keep saying size doesn’t matter when they are asked openly... I feel it just the idea that so many women do not want to injure their man’s ego and this is because we all assume "foolishly" that there is nothing that a man can do about his genital size!

This is where you get extremely lucky today!

There are hundreds of thousands of men and I am sure millions that have increased their small and average penises by a few inches by using simple and easy to do natural penis enlargement exercises. These exercises are done using only your two hands and they basically involve expand the width of the penile chambers using the blood that flows in it during an erection and elongating the penile chambers by stretching it. When performing these exercises, there are rest days that you have to observe so that the penile tissues gradually heal and re-grow into thicker, wider, stronger and longer sizes. Over time the process of exercising the penis and resting gives you the big penis that you seek.

If you are disturbed about the small size of your manhood, there is no need to be. Making use of natural penile enlargement exercises can add as much as 2 inches in length and 1 inch in thickness after 2 – 5 months. Although some men have added as much as 3 inches in length and 2 inches in thickness, this case is usually as result of a high level of motivation in these men who are committed to get the largest possible penile growth that can be achieved.

Our natural penis enlargement exercises program contain detailed description about each exercises and also comes with a set of videos that shows you how to these exercises correctly.

If you want a more detailed explanation about these exercises go to my how it works page on how these penile exercises work. Our home page here gives you details about what to expect from these program and our order page guides you through on how to get the manual right away.

Yours Faithfully

Here is a funny video that I found on YouTube that shows you that WOMEN LOVE BIG PENISES!


So many women say that size does not matter, but as it shows in this video... when they are in front of it, they just can't hide their fascination!... ENJOY!!!

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